SimpleBits big Update

New Event Mining Fund
New weekly event that accumulates rewards
Rent Hardware and get hashing power for the mining fund, every hour you generate a random amount between 0 and your maximum Fund Hash. The reward is divided based on your participation in the total hash of the Mining Fund round.

Hey everyone, Lindernman here, I apologize for the extended period without updates, but today is the day.

This update represents a return to our roots. We’ve taken your feedback seriously and decided to simplify the game mechanics, focusing on what makes the game truly profitable for everyone.

We understand that the community is the lifeblood of this game, and we are committed to keeping you engaged and satisfied. This patch is just the first step in a series of updates aimed at enhancing gameplay, fixing bugs, and offering a better overall experience.

  • The base reward of all Offerwalls increased by 12% permanently
  • Events for Offerwalls with special bonuses
  • Now the reward for faucet claim is constant plus a bonus depending on the level
  • Experience gained from claiming faucet increased to 50
  • Removed SCOINS
    SCOINS had no further use other than to complicate and confuse players, therefore all SCOINS transactions were converted to Bound Tokens
  • Tokens and Bound Tokens Fractions
    To have more precise data we decided to enable fractions for currencies.
Stats & Attributes
  • Removed stat distribution system
    Players will not receive attribute points to distribute when leveling up, the only way to increase stats is through items.
  • Removed Power Index
    There is no longer an amount limit for each attribute except energy.
  • Removed Dominance
    Dominance had no useful use other than to somewhat increase the amount of hash generated, we compensated for this with an increase in regenerated energy every 5 minutes.
  • Removed Luck Attribute
    Since SimpleBits is an incremental game with no level or attribute limits, the luck system does not offer consistency or balance.
  • Removed individual Algorithm modifiers in favor of Global modifier
    Part of the plan to simplify the attribute system
  • Energy Bonus replaced with Regeneration Frequency
    You can now decrease the frequency with which your energy regenerates to a minimum of 10 seconds
  • Default Max Energy
    Now when you level up your maximum energy increases by 7 points automatically.
  • Random Item on Level Up
    Obtain items every time you level up, the amount of items increases up to 3 depending on your level
  • Energy Regeneration Amount
    To increase the pace of the game and compensate for dominance
  • Removed Power Ratio
    There are no longer conditions or limitations for mining
  • Removed Opennet & Mainnet System
    Blocks are once again unique and global for all players
  • Removed Double Hash Chance
    Part of the plan to simplify the game and provide equal conditions for all players.
  • Removed Item Drops in exchange for a transparent drop system
    Part of the plan to simplify the game and provide equal conditions for all players.
  • Blocks now accumulate Bound Tokens instead of SCOINS
    SCOINS removal effect.
  • Random Item for every 10,000 Tokens earned
    One way to obtain items is for every 10,000 Tokens earned from any action.
  • Random Tech Parts for every 1,000 energy used
  • Random Fund Hash for every 1,000 energy used up to 5 times every 24 hours
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